Connor's Corner: Connor Barwin's Favorite Places to Hang in Houston

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To say that Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin has high hopes for the upcoming season is an understatement. His eyes light up when he talks about the talent and the hope for the 2012 season.

Barwin is featured in this week's cover story on the Houston Web Awards, and lately he's been seen everywhere in Houston and in most every neighborhood. He's the huge guy with the tall hair who is almost always in the neon tank top. He was also our model for this week's cover. Check out the video below, a behind-the-scenes of the cover shoot.

As for the upcoming Texans season, everyone is healthy, some changes have been made and he's stopped thinking about last year's heartbreaking end. He instead wants to build on last year's momentum. Even Montrose hipsters were saddling up to their favorite bars every Sunday to watch the games.

After that division game loss to the Baltimore Ravens, you could hear every suburban home, neighborhood watch party and packed sports bar collectively groan in pain. Winning the AFC South was a thrill, injected excitement into the city and made the rest of the NFL take notice. The improbable run proved how much football can bring together the whole city. This season should be no different.

Barwin has embraced Houston with open arms and the city has responded in kind. He wants to stay in town, though in his business that's not solely up to him. He doesn't think Houston gets a fair shake when it comes to being a diverse community, but people are starting to notice. You can stay busy in Houston if you just keep your eyes open and explore.

"I would like to stay here for sure. I enjoy the city, and I am in a good situation. I would take the heat over the snow in Detroit," Barwin says.

Good call, dude, and a bold statement, given the current heatwave we have been having here since, like, forever.

On the next page, check out some of Barwin's favorite places to hang in Houston, when he's not on the football field, of course. And be sure to get your tickets for the Houston Web Awards ceremony, which is tomorrow night.

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