Calculate Your Hurricane Risk with New Web Site

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The city of Houston and Rice University have produced a risk calculator that tells you your chances of getting flood or wind damage from a direct-hit hurricane.

The Storm Risk Calculator isn't the fastest thing around, but you can enter your address and eventually it will show you your risks for rainfall, wind damage, storm surge and power outage. Within each of those categories you can increase the strength of the storm to see further results.

We're not sure we buy it all -- it told us our house was at low risk for a power outage in a Category 2 storm, and that only 5 to 20 percent of the homes in our neighborhood would lose power. Ike kept us in the black for almost two weeks.

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David Houston
David Houston

Wasn't all that accurate, I felt. Similar to the author's situation, our home was seriously damaged by the wind during Ike and there was a little flooding, according to this it claimed wind damage was low risk and flooding not applicable... Wouldn't matter one way or another anyway the city of Houston did nothing to help most of the storm victims repair their homes, and it's fair to assume they won't do anything next time also, but we should be thankful that we have this calculator thingy to save us all...

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