Trinity Mugshot Round-Up Part Two: More of the Best in Texas

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The shutterbug jailhouse artistes up in the Lake Livingston-area town of Trinity have just unveiled their spring collection, and it's a feast for the eyes.

As we've pointed out before, no jurisdiction in Texas can match Trinity's quality in the fine art of the booking photo. The lighting, the angle, even the camera they use are all très magnifique, as are their subjects, many of whom look like they come from Central Casting, rural Southern ne'er-do-well section. In fact, rumor has it that our very first post of this type has resulted in an upcoming CMT reality show called Trinity 911...

And so, with no further ado, we'll show you ten more works by these Dorothea Langes of mugshot photography....

Benjamin Rideout, 41, aggravated assault.jpg
Benjamin Rideout, 41, felony aggravated assault. Trinity cops say a buddy owed Rideout $10, and Rideout used a Louisville Slugger to encourage him to pay.

Darrell Nichols, 47, DWLI.jpg
Darrell Nichols, 47, driving while license invalid.

Gary Sartain, 55, crack.jpg
Gary Sartain, 55, possession of crack. He could keep himself in all the rocks he could ever dream of if only he could give hipsters moustache-growing lessons.

Jeffrey Davilla, 32, public intox.jpg
Jeffrey Davilla, 32, public intoxication. That's right, 32 years old.

Jeremy Goolsby, 36, DWI, resisting arrest.jpg
Jeremy Goolsby, 36, DWI, resisting arrest. Prince once intoned that "the beautiful ones always smash the picture. Always, every time." We say "the neck-tats always resist arrest. Always, every time."

Johnnie Brame, 52, public intox.jpg
Johnnie Brame, 52, disorderly conduct and public intoxication. (On different nights weeks apart.)

Michael Bourque, 47, public intoxication

Timothy Wallace, 50, crack.jpg
Timothy Wallace, 50, crack.

And we've saved two of the best for last...

Roy Draper, 34, no license, failure to maintain fin resp.jpg
Roy Draper, 34, no license or insurance. Draper's barber should have been arrested instead.

Sabrina Brust, 29, theft by check warrant.jpg
Sabrina Brust, 29, old theft by check warrant. On the Trinity PD Facebook page, Brust chuckled about how up close and personal the photographers get.

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Trinity 911 did not start because of their Facebook page and the mugshots on it.

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