Upset of the Century: Team Cleavage Falls to Team Modesty in Texans Cheerleaders Bout

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Where is Howard Cosell when you need him?

"Down goes Team Cleavage! Down goes Team Cleavage! Down goes Team Cleavage!" It's at least as big an upset as Joe Frazier getting decked by George Foreman.

We told you earlier that many of the finalists to become a Houston Texans cheerleader clearly fell into two camps: Team Cleavage and Team Modesty.

So who did better?

Maybe the judges were all Rick Santorum supporters outraged at the glimpse of flesh, or maybe Team Modesty were just better dancers, smarter and had more personality, or maybe everyone's a winner and it's just great to be nominated, but the scoreboard doesn't lie:

Team Modesty 5
Team Cleavage 2

Not even close.

The results by poster:


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I like cleavage just about as much as the next guy, but it's all about the face.  


Ass. It's all about the ass. 

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