Robert Hedrick: Airline Owner's Child-Porn Defense Rejected by Jury, Ridiculed by Feds

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Robert Hedrick won't be flying for a while.
Robert Hedrick was the guy who convinced some Brownsville residents he would make the city an international destination through his Pan Am Airlines: flights from Brownsville to Johannesburg!

All that came crumbling down when he was arrested for child porn. A jury convicted him yesterday in less than three hours, and then the U.S. Attorney's Office drily shredded his lame defense, which was that someone else was framing him.

The evidence included Hedrick messaging and phoning two undercover agents he believed were 13- and 14-year-old girls. He asked them to send him pictures of themselves engaged in sexual activities, and at one point masturbated on Webcam for the no doubt enthralled agents.

Evidence gathered from his laptop included 2,400 images and 18 videos, all of which "depicted children as young as infants being sexually assaulted and subjected to acts of anal and oral sex, bondage and bestiality."

As for his defense, let's allow the USAO to sum it up:

The defense attempted to convince the jury that Hedrick was set up by any one of a number of family members or business associates. During approximately four hours of testimony, Hedrick varied between a family history that included his mother's humanitarian work in Africa and his father being a member of the CIA and his projections that his company was worth hundreds of millions of dollars despite the fact that it did not have any customers or active contracts.... On cross-examination, Hedrick admitted the voice on the phone call was his and that it was him masturbating on the webcam video.

Still, the CIA was probably involved some way.

Hedrick faces 15 to 30 years in prison.

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Garland Norris
Garland Norris

Brownsville, TX to Johannesburg would not be economically viable at all, so...


This cries out for the death penalty.


What the hell is wrong with these men? My God, I hope he gets the full 30 years because this scum bag deserves every day of it.

Perp Walk Fan
Perp Walk Fan

I hope this disgusting piece of filth gets his in the joint. 

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