Relax, Evildoers: KPRC's "Screamin' Stephen" Dean Leaving Houston (Includes Spanking Porn!)

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Stephen Dean hits the road
After 11 years of undercover scoops and dramatic stand-ups, KPRC's Stephen Dean is leaving to take a job in Columbus, reports.

Umm, Columbus?

Turns out he and his wife have family there.

"Screamin' Stephen" won a Peabody Award and other honors both at KPRC and at KTRH, when that radio station actually did news.

He is also the author of such books as Your Neighbor's Secret Life Online.

That 2008 epic included a chapter called "Cyber Spanking," about a guy named Mike who meets a girl named Roxie online and invites a friend called A.J. to watch.

WARNING: Do not proceed if you are offended by hawt Stephen Dean reporting!!

After an initial slap to Roxie's thonged butt, Mike turns on a porno tape of two women slapping each other to further enliven the mood.

A.J. didn't even know pornographic tapes like that one existed. Of course, he'd heard of the lesbian encounters and the stereotypical scenario where the two female porn stars were interrupted by a guy, who then gets into a tryst with the both of them.

But this tape was all about these two women spanking the hell out of each other!

Roxie curved her body so that she was bent over the arm of the couch, raising her butt in the air for Mike to slap her harder and harder, again and again....[Her] noises got louder and louder, with Roxie taking it to a new pitch as the episode intensified. Her movements were great to watch, and much more vivid than the porn actresses...

Mike was definitely in the zone now. He just kept on going with it there on the couch, until it would seem Roxie is terribly sore, but that's when she let out a sound of orgasm.

Who needs Fifty Shades of Grey?

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