Pam Matranga Loses: Galveston Voters Toss Allegedly Forced-Motorboating, Public-Peeing Constable

Pam Matranga ousted by GOP voters
Pam Matranga, the Galveston County constable who, according to a sexual harassment lawsuit, forced a deputy to motorboat her, gave the world such awful vaginal euphemisms as "duck taco" and was caught on video allegedly peeing in a park, has lost her primary re-election race.


Matranga managed to get only 39 percent of the vote, with Rick Sharp getting almost 52 percent, enough to win without a runoff for the GOP nod for Precinct 7 constable.

Matranga has said the harassment lawsuit was an election ploy, although she did allow that she was "a jester, I am not a girlie girl."

"I can only be accountable for any role I may have played," Matranga said on her Facebook page after the election loss. "I am sorry for any embarassment this may have caused any of you. I am going to be fine, I am fine....I hope the bashing of me can end now."

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 I think the community as a whole is going to suffer again with the loss of Pam Matranga's Loss in this election. Hopefully everyone will think about how corrupt Bacliff was.Yes Pam can be very outspoken. But if she wasn't the way she is then think about how much she would have been able to accomplish? Not very much. We have had so many crooked people in this office for so long that it was really refreshing to see someone that was not one of the Good ole Boy's. It was easy to slam a female in this office because of it. Bacliff is tough and rough and anyone who has lived here any length of time knows this. 

  The drugs and druggies running the streets were another problem. I was actually feeling good this past year at walking at night again. It was not long ago that a woman regardless of age unless one of the locale working girls would go walking when the Street lights came on.  It is a real shame that this happened and hope we could still write her in and bring her back. Have a feeling we are fixing to deal with another Good ole Boy again. Not so wise Bacliff. Let us all know how this will work out for you come next election. 


 P.S. Crooks and Creeps. Pam and her team are still working till the end of the year. So not smart to get stupid yet. You will be missed Ms Pam. 


Lets get this right here is the quote from Pam Matranga's Facebook page: "greetings Facebook Peeps.....Its over...I ask that we all respect the fact that Mr. Sharp will be your new Constable. I have so enjoyed my tenor with Pct 7 and it has been an honor serving you. There will be no bashing of Mr. Sharp here so please dont.I never hurt anyone, Mr Gist set out to something and he did unfortunatley Mr.Sharp, Gabe Hernandez,Karen Maxey, Justin Lovel (donaldson) David Donaldson , his girlfriend Stacy Valdez,his wife Linda Donaldson JD wilson ,Judge Mark Henry, Commissioner Clark, Jason Murray, TK Keel, Commissioner Obrient played roles in this. I can only be accountable for any role I may have played. I am sorry for any embarrassment this may have caused any of you. I am going to be fine, I am fine....I hope the bashing of me can end now. You the voter own that office so hold them accountable. I wish him the best and I hope you guys will give him the chance to prove himself."If your going to report something, please don't be selective in what you quote!

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