Old Houston Photos Mashed with Modern Houston, Part 2

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It's time for another look at vintage Houston photos mashed with their present-day locations.

Since the last post, people have asked why I am doing this, and it's never just one answer. Houston needs to be remembered for its go-get-`em-everything-is-bigger-in-Texas ways. I've heard people complain about how much downtown Houston has changed, and here is proof that we really might be trying to preserve its history when it can be done.

This time, I am happy to have chosen locations that Houstonians see on a daily basis. Especially with baseball season in full swing:

Photos by Abrahan Garza
9. Jones Hall
Jones Hall, unchanged since the year it won the American Institute of Architects' Honor Award, 1967.

8. Us
Gillman Pontiac (now Gillman Honda) in 1965 -- currently the Houston Press Building at 1621 Milam. Crazy to think that GTOs and Bonnevilles were sold in our lobby (note the car driving into the service department on Pease).

7. Downtown
I'd trade the light rail for the Slow and Fast lanes you see here in the late 1920s any day -- 1100 Main Street at McKinney.

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Man these are AWESOME!!!!!!! its good to know that we Houstonians still have respect for our history. Good job on all the photos

Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia

Another great adddition to the Houston Press Blog!


Except for the part where we tear it down. But hey, we at least have photos and we all know those are such great substitutes for the real thing.

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