Matthew Eyerly: Produced Child Porn, Says His Girlfriend Also Sent Him Nude Pics of Her Kid

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An unlikely explanation of why he gave up his habit
Matthew David Eyerly pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to produce child pornography and possession of child pornography, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Eyerly, 35, "admitted to digital and oral contact with the genitals of the child and having taken pictures of these acts," the USAO said. "He said this took place at an earlier visit in July 2006 in Conroe, Texas, when the woman left him alone with the child in a motel room."

Making it worse: "Eyerly also claimed the woman sent him nude photos of the child over the Internet."

Investigators traced child-porn activity to his computer, and when they went to his Conroe house to search it in 2006 they found him, the woman and the child. "When agents told Eyerly they were there regarding a file server, Eyerly admitted to having operated one but said he gave it up, in part, due to his new relationship with the female," the USAO said.

His computer also had child porn featuring other children, prosecutors said. He faces 15 and to 30 years and will be sentenced in August.

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