The Jersey Shore People Are Looking for (Stereotypical) Latinas

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A hard-hitting documentary.
Not content with the sociological experiment that is Jersey Shore, producers are on the hunt for women who want to take part in a reality series called Living Latina Loco.

How "real" will the reality be? The casting Web site says you'll be considered if "you have perfectly arched eyebrows, you use makeup as an art form and wear earrings to be seen from across the fiesta."

We don't think they mean Fiesta Supermarkets.

They are looking for "fiery urban Latin goddesses who are the most beautiful, sexiest and outrageously misbehaving women to curl their manicured claws around the throbbing pulse of drama."

So all in all, it sounds like it will be very real and not manufactured at all.

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I can't remember the last time I saw cursor tracers. 


Wow. One of the questions is "Why is your culture superior?", and another is "Describe your best assets (physical, material, or social). Because gods know we wouldn't want smart, latina women on TV. What the fuck. This is disgusting.

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