Keith Judd: Texas Prisoner/Presidential Candidate Does Shockingly Well in West Virginia Primary

Courtesy Project Vote Smart
West Virginia Democrats know how to pick 'em!
Majestically mulleted Texas prisoner-cum-presidential candidate Keith Judd has picked up 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia's Democratic primary. (We examined the Keith Judd phenomenon back before he was just a gleam in West Virginia's eye.)

The Associated Press reports that Judd, serving time in the federal pokey in Texarkana for making threats on the campus of the University of New Mexico, still trailed Obama (59 percent), but apparently four out of ten West Virginians who voted in the primary prefer a prisoner over a Kenya-born Muslim Marxist baby-seal clubber.

Per the AP, "attracting at least 15 percent of the vote would normally qualify a candidate for a delegate to to the Democratic National Convention. But state Democratic Party Executive Director Derek Scarbro said no one has filed to be a delegate for Judd." What an injustice! Furthermore, "the state party also believes that Judd has failed to file paperwork required of presidential candidates...."

Of course, this impressive outcome probably didn't come as a surprise to Judd, who counts ESP and "telling the future" among his hobbies and talents. We just wonder, if Judd becomes president, who he'll pick to be on his cabinet. Thoughts?

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I bet you're super smart, Djoelaw. The ability to stereotype is a quality sought by all educated people, right? Ignorant asshole


That is one helluva mullet, I thought they went extinct around 1993?


Finally an answer to the complaint frequently raised in West Virginia: "Why does the rest of the country think we're stupid?" .

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