Sketchy Evangelist K.A. Paul Arrested in Connection with Brother's Death

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Photo by Daniel Kramer
Raise your hand if you've been accused of having your brother killed, and then of conspiring to kill the dude you hired to kill him.
K.A. Paul, our favorite leper-stealing evangelist, has been arrested in India for allegedly conspiring to kill an aide who police suspect Paul had hired to kill his own brother in 2010.

Paul and his brother, David Raju, had become embroiled in a bitter property dispute, and the latter was found dead "under suspicious circumstances," according to Indian news reports.

Paul (real name Anand Kilari) was allegedly caught on video attempting to bribe a police official to kidnap and eliminate one of his aides, Koteshwara Rao, who police believe killed Raju under Paul's orders, according to India Today.

India Today quoted police superintendent K. Raghuram Reddy as saying, "Apparently, Koteshwara Rao was blackmailing Paul for more money, and the evangelist wanted to eliminate him, fearing that he might expose the plot behind the killing of David Raju."

The last we heard from Paul was in 2007, when Beverly Hills police were investigating a claim that he had engaged in "lewd and lascivious acts with a minor" -- a claim which Paul denied. Paul was arrested, but never charged, and he left the country shortly thereafter, which appears to have put the investigation on perpetual hold.

As far as we can tell, Paul still owns a home in Huffman occupied by his wife, a daughter and at least one member of his extended family. We hope to get a comment from them, or Paul's ministry, soon, and we'll update accordingly.

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big red
big red

Who can forget the famous episode when he tried to shake down Mattress Mack for money to refuel his non-airworthy 747 filled with leftover junk, which he called relief supplies for a disaster in Asia somewhere?


Wasn't those "relief supplies" meant for the survivors of he 2006 tsunami?

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