Polo Playboy John Goodman Gets 16 Years, Scathing Lecture from Judge for Intoxication Manslaughter

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John Goodman and the girlfriend he adopted
John Goodman, the Houston "polo playboy" who was drunk when he caused a traffic accident that killed a 23-year-old man, was sentenced to 16 years in prison today by a judge who also gave him a scathing lecture.

"[Victim] Scott Wilson's death was senseless,"" Florida state judge Jeffrey Colbath said.

"[Goodman's] conduct from the moment the crash happened to the time he came to be in the custody of law enforcement was to save himself. It wasn't to go get help and it wasn't because he was disoriented. It was because he wanted to figure out a way to save himself. He had an opportunity to try to save Mr. Wilson," he said.

Goodman's attorneys have promised an appeal.

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ron d
ron d

I stopped driving years ago.No judgements or legal decrees forced this.I was unable to stop drinking and realized that I had to accept that I might harm someone else if I didn't stop one or the other.Weakness,inner evil or disease made the personal proscription necessary.We must accept responsibility for our actions.You shouldn't  yell fire in a crowd when there is none.You shouldn't run through a crowd with scissors in your hand.You shouldn't drink and drive. It's simple as that.


I'm sure an appeal by his legal team has already been made, but this is slightly comforting. The guy had demons he never faced, and someone else was killed because of that. 

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