Jennifer Torres: Alleged Target Shoplifter Goes for Mugshot of the Day

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Jennifer Torres, not attracting attention.
If your plan is to shoplift from Target, we'd assume you'd want to be discreet. Blend in with the crowd, don't attract attention, that sort of thing.

And maybe Jennifer Torres's look is what the typical Harlingen Target shopper is sporting these days. Still -- for whatever reason -- store security noticed her and Joe Ortega stealing merchandise about 9 a.m. last Thursday, cops say.

They allege Torres, 20, would hand merchandise to Ortega, a 21-year-old who isn't exactly nondescript either. He would then cut open the items, stuff the goods in his pockets and walk out past the registers.

Among the loot taken were "digital camera, MP-3 player, memory card, sunglasses, and other miscellaneous items totaling $294.86," police said.

Here's Ortega's mug:


The pair face Class B theft charges.

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The hickies on his neck could be from an accomplice's heartfelt passion, or reprisal for another woman's name on his trachea.


Maybe they thought that by wearing red they'd blend in with the Target employees.  I'd call her "butt ugly", but butts in general are better looking than her.

Figgy Jones
Figgy Jones

Throw your mug up there -- or is it better grammar to say "throw up your mug" -- and let's see how you compare, Mr. Off Topic!

At least, she is good-looking enough to team up with Mr. Beatrice Neck Tat...I mean, why not comment on his mien?

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