Jason Blain Wagner: Pawned Laptop Full of Child Porn, Then Scoffed at Terms of Probation, Police Say

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Jason Blain Wagner: Might not be getting the same kind of deal this time around.
It's kind of amazing how regularly it happens -- a guy will pawn his laptop full of kiddy porn and then is amazed when the buyers somehow discover the disgusting footage and call the police.

These days, surely everybody, especially devotees of child porn, must know that files are very hard to erase completely...Or maybe these creepy dudes just don't care and are completely willing to take the chance on destroying their own lives for what? $150, max? Maybe they really are just that short-term greedy and long-term stupid...

Jason Blain Wagner is among this number. Back in July of 2008, he walked into a mid-Westheimer pawn shop and unloaded a laptop later found to contain, according to court documents, such films as My 13 Year Old Sister Satisfying Herself On My 27 Year Old Massive Cock Reelkiddy Mov Lolita Preteen Young Incest Inzest Kiddie Porno Sex XXX.Mpeg, to cite one example.

It evidently took some time for this to come to light, because the warrant for Wagner's arrest went out in July of 2009. He remained on the lam in the Houston area for another nine months, but a Crime Stoppers tip led to his arrest in April of 2010.

Six months later, he was given what some would term a slap on the wrist: five years deferred adjudication and a fine of $500. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender and remain in the registry for the rest of his natural life.

So despite his depraved appetite and his rampant stupidity, Wagner had been given a second chance. But yep, you guessed it: It looks like he's just blown it.

According to court documents, Wagner has blown off both the terms of his probation and the order to comply with sex offender restrictions. He now faces a felony charge of failing to comply as a sex offender and the state is now planning to reassess his punishment on the kiddy porn charge.

On April 18, prosecutors filed a motion to adjudicate his guilt on the child porn case. Among the ways Wagner allegedly failed to abide by the terms of his probation: The records say that a urine test detected cocaine metabolite in his system, and that he had verbally abused one of his probation officers. That's a charge you don't often see in these motions. It seems most probationers at least try to bite their tongues when their POs give them grief.

The records also state that Wagner ignored several orders to provide urine samples, failed to pay several fines and fees, and refused to enroll in two court-ordered treatment programs.

As of Tuesday, Wagner faced a second charge. Police say he failed to notify them when he moved out of his Katy apartment. (What's more, he did so without paying some of the rent he owed, according to court documents.) That little sin of omission brought him a charge of failure to comply as a sex offender.

After his arrest earlier this week, Wagner was taken to the Harris County Jail, where he is being held without bail. Yesterday he requested the services of a court-appointed lawyer.

According to the DPS Sex Offender Database, he recently worked in sales at a Katy bank. Sales must not be too hot if he can't afford an attorney.

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send him to jail and leave him there. He is broken all the way and doesn't care either.. 


Hhhhhmmm maybe he likes big bubbas to...hope he gets alot of jail time and the other inmates give him what he wants..nasty pervert. Makes you wonder if he has sisters that need protecting

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