Jacoby Jones Released by the Texans

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I've said it before and I am now one thousand percent certain -- Jacoby Jones is not an NFL wide receiver and will never be a capable NFL wide receiver. In a league where making 99 percent of the routine plays is barely acceptable, he makes like 80 percent of the routine plays (if that), which would be fine except he has never once made a single play offensively that's bailed out his quarterback. Not a single spectacular offensive play that makes you say "Wow, good thing we have Jacoby Jones on our team." Not one.

When you ask anyone who is pro-Jones what he brings to the table the answers are some variation of "He has great athletic ability" (Big deal, go do the decathlon) or "He's been in the system for five years" (It's football, not a tenured public schools teaching position). And that's just it -- he HAS been in the system five years now, and shows NO progress. Zero. None. He is who he is, a cardboard cutout of a wide receiver who still comes out of breaks and runs routes so carelessly that it looks like Matt Schaub drew the play up in the dirt. He was targeted eleven times yesterday and caught ONE pass for nine yards. If that doesn't reverberate with you then go look at box scores for games around the NFL and see what normal catch-to-target ratios are. To catch one ball and be targeted ELEVEN times, you almost have to be trying not to catch balls. Or you're Jacoby Jones. If you need one easy-to-find shred of evidence that he just doesn't get it, watch the final play. Basic, remedial wide receiver instinct tells you to peel off and run to space in the direction your quarterback is rolling to help your guy make a play. Once the play broke down, Jacoby was clueless and stayed glued to Michael Huff's hip. Bad throw by Schaub, worse improvisation by Jacoby.

The second game was really just one play (and truly the kill shot on the Jacoby Jones Era). It needs no description. Ravens playoff game, early momentum belongs to the Texans and then this....

There's no coming back from that. Not with the minimal equity that Jones had with the Texan fan base. At that exact moment, most Texan fans wanted him waived before he got back to the sideline.

Today, a little over three months later, they got their wish.

The Texans, in general, have long been considered a team that probably errs to the side of waiting too long to pull the trigger on personnel decisions. It's a culture that comes from the top down, with owner Bob McNair's decision (correct, in hindsight) to retain Gary Kubiak after a dismal fifth year being the most noteworthy example.

Strangely enough, if there's a player whose Texans career mirrors the coaching career of Kubiak, it's Jones -- some ups, lots of downs, big expectations after a contract extension post-Year 4, and then major disappointment in Year 5.

However, unlike Kubiak, there will be no sixth year in Houston for Jacoby Jones. On Tuesday, the Texans finally stopped waiting for the light to come on.

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Poor Jacoby, I actually liked him on the Texans. Not everyone is perfect, and every person in this world will have their day when they dont perform at their best. Give him a break, jeeze. His career comes to an end, and this is the appreciation yall give, sad.


I had a wisdom tooth that would painfully surface then recede then resurface then recede and it continued for a few yrs. I finally had it pulled. #firejacoby


You're no Andy Rooney either. You spell "except" as "expect" and you have the nerve to criticize another man for his imperfections. "Only in America!"

control freak
control freak

I assume this is satire. That said, people love to pile on and have a whipping boy / scapegoat. Let's face it, he underperformed as a receiver, was an OK/ good-not-great punt returner, and sealed his fate with the gaff in Baltimore (which, in isolation was completely blown out of proportion by media and fans – we bounced back and had a chance to win that game). Just not good enough for $3MM a year.

Prepare for people to re-direct their insecurities about the Texans more intensely to Kjax, and possible even Posey the second he drops his first pass. Kjax will be solid this year. Posey – let's see, but thinking he may be a pleasant surprise.



Get a life, you nitwit. I'd hardly compare a simple typo to the atrocity that is Jacoby Jones. 

You sir, are an idiot. 

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