Amazing Houston Business Journal Scoop: Onion Article Probably Not True

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Hold on to your hats, take a seat, take a deep breath, do whatever it takes to absorb some shattering news: An article in The Onion is probably fake.

This earth-shattering scoop is brought to you by the Houston Business Journal, with an article entitled "Houston PR Pro Contemplates The Onion's Fracking Article."

The Onion piece in question is a sort item headed "Fracking Industry Now Largest Employer of Recent PR Graduates."

HBJ reporter Deon Daugherty wrote: "The "article" referred to an unnamed and altogether unsourced -- and likely fictional -- labor market study that supposedly found oil companies with hydraulic fracturing interests have taken the top spot -- above the tobacco industry, gun enthusiasts and the folks on Wall Street -- for hiring the most media savvy college graduates."

"Likely fictional? You can't pull nothing past Deon Daugherty!

She then went on to talk to a guy who does PR for energy companies to examine the (possibly, probably, totally nonexistent) study cited in The Onion.

"I've run across [Ed] Davis and his colleagues a few times while covering energy, and he seemed to be someone who would give it to me straight," she writes, and does he ever.

First off, Davis said, not only would it likely take more experience than a recent grad possesses to pull the wool over the public's eyes with regard to hydraulic fracturing, but by and large, these folks aren't interested in obfuscation.

"I can tell you, that's not them," he said of The Onion's depiction.


It's not quite as bad as the Congressman who ranted about a proposed "abortionplex" reported by The Onion, but the general operating theory, journalistically speaking, is that Onion articles don't need to be debunked.

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Deon Daugherty
Deon Daugherty

Good grief! I thought The Onion piece was funny and wanted to bring it to my readers. In any event, thanks for your coverage, Connelly. You did spell my name right.



HBJ so habitually recycles press releases and studies into 'news', that it never occurs to them that some might be pure baloney.


Thank you sir, may I have another.

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