Hammered Miami Heat Fan Strips to Bra & Panties to Celebrate a Win (VIDEO Analysis)

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0:47 -- DSHF double checks to be sure she is actually wearing underwear. Seriously.

0:50 -- And here's why! Good-bye dress! I'm sure when LeBron was taking over in Game 5, DSHF was saying, "I can't wait to take my dress off! GO HEAT!"

1:10 -- One final thong crouch for the crew behind the bar. Several health codes being violated at this point.

1:18 -- One final appearance by Mullet Guy, who somehow interpreted this dance as some sort of invite for him to get closer to DSHF, the same way Frequent Strip Club Goer Guy construes a stripper's overly accommodating attitude during a lap dance as the beginning of a relationship.

I think I speak for most basketball-watching males when I say that I'm happy that DSHF decided to take her talents to South Beach.

(H/T The Big Lead)

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Only the Black Eyed Peas can ruin a moment where a woman takes off her clothes in front of you.

big red
big red

I would be willing to bet that this was not the first time that woman took off her clothes in public.

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