For Mother's Day: Five Very, Very Bad Candidates for Mom of the Year

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donna gene hack.jpeg
Angelina County Jail
Donna Gene Hack: "Walkin' on Sunshine."
For at least some part of our lives, all of us have had a mother. Some are great, some are terrible, but most are in-between. But even if your mother was closer to Courtney Love than to Clair Huxtable, you should count yourself lucky you are not the offspring of any of the women in this round-up of the five worst moms of the past 12 months.

5. Lufkin's Donna Gene Hack was popped last August outside the Lufkin Walmart, where police claim to have caught her swiping two men's Ultimate Fighting T-shirts, hand lotion and curtain-rod hooks, and two canisters of "Dust-Off" spray, a product familiar to devotees of the show Intervention. Hack then attempted to make her getaway in her car, with her child inside, while she was reportedly drunk.

4. Houston's Lashwanda Allen was accused last August of sleeping off a Four Loko bender while her not-yet-two-year-old daughter not only helped herself to some of that devil's brew, but then toddled off drunk into the parking lot of their apartment complex. Meanwhile, Allen's other daughter, an infant, was found in the nick of time, tangled up in the sheets and turning blue.

Amanda Nabers: Weed + Xanax + 4Loko + 13 Year Old Boy = Big Trouble
3. Amanda Nabers of San Antonio allegedly showed a similar knack for abandoning and endangering her kids, not to mention the same taste in stimulants. Alamo City cops says she was in a fog of Xanax, weed and Four Loko when she left her two kids to fend for themselves while she went off to sex up a 13-year-old neighbor boy.

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Why am I commenting on this?I've dated most of these women, or their sisters, or their mothers, or their cousins.



All of whom are likely related to one another, somehow.

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