For Memorial Day: 10 Great Surprise Soldier Reunions (VIDEO)

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Surprise, surprise
Memorial Day is, of course, the day we honor those soldiers, sailors, airmen (of both sexes) and Marines who have given that last full measure of devotion.

Luckily, most who serve do not have to do that. They sacrifice time with friends and family and put themselves in danger, but they do make it home.

And sometimes they surprise those loved ones, and capture it on video. Here are ten great ones to ponder as Memorial Day weekend begins:

10. Graduation
"She wishes he could be here..."

9. Hallway sprint
World record in the hallway dash.

8. Kid's look
It says it all.

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I'm sure there's a special place reserved just for you, son.


I'm as tired of these as I am of "Surprise!" dance moments. It's done, put it away.

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