Colorado Sues Some Mag Crews; Maybe Texas Should Take a Gander?

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The Colorado Attorney General's Office is trying to put the smackdown on mag crews.
Colorado's Attorney General is suing the owners of a door-to-door magazine sales service, accusing them of deceiving consumers in Colorado and across the country.

Filed April 23 in Denver County District Court, the suit against Jennifer Proffitt-Payne and Cody Payne lists a bevy of corporate names they and their roving sales crews operate under; the most prominent names are Great Lakes Circulation and American Cash Awards. We first wrote about Great Lakes when a 22-year-old woman died in an East Texas motel while working for one of its crews.

While Blair Dimmick's cause of death was listed as natural -- she had a pre-existing heart condition -- a tox screen turned up alcohol, Ecstasy and Xanax. The scavengers working on her crew kept her digital camera and apparently emptied her wallet before sending it back to her mom. These are great fucking people.

According to the Colorado suit, the companies' sales agents used a variety of ruses, including claiming affiliations with St. Jude Children's Hospital or local schools. (Piggybacking on sick and dying kids is a favored strategy in the business.)

Because the companies constantly switched names, "the full extent of monetary harm to consumers is unknown at this time," according to the suit. (The suit alleges that co-owner Proffitt-Payne processed orders for at least 20 sales crews. A woman who answered the phone for one of the Paynes' entities had no comment.)

The Paynes haven't filed a response yet, according to a spokesman at the Colorado AG's Office, so we'll have to wait to see what they come up with. We think it's great the Colorado AG is going after these guys -- it's something more states should do -- but we don't think the industry will truly clean up its act unless states file criminal suits.

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I worked for another company who wasnt anything like this but i did have to whoop Cody Paymes son and his bodyguard in FL a few years back for trying to sell my agents crack. These guys need to be off the road.


"These are great fu@&ing people."  I believe you mean "these are fu@&ing great people."  These don't sound like people one would wish to fu@&.  Your modifier is misplaced. Yes this is a blog and you are a bloggist, but basic rules of grammar should still apply. 


Go fuck yourself grammar Bill. How many basic rules are broken there?

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