Cinco de Mayo As Celebrated in Five of America's Whitest Cities

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Ask a Mexican, if you can find one.
Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, meaning restaurants and bars are all going Mexican-themed with their specials and events.

The day has grown to be a big deal in the U.S., if not Mexico, where it's not Mexican Independence Day or anything.

Everyone's hopping on the Cinco de Mayo bandwagon, including some of what census data shows to be the whitest cities in the country.

How do they do it in such places? Let's take a look at five:

5. Cincinnati
They're tying the Kentucky Derby to Cinco de Mayo in this very white town. Among the events: Arnold's Bar & Grill has "A Mexican and country cookin' fusion menu. Drink specials include: Bourbon Margaritas, Tequila Juleps, Mint Juleps and regular Margaritas until the race is over." FB's says "Best dressed guest wins a prize. Fancy sombreros for women; patterned bandanas for men." Nada touts "four Mexican beers."

(Note: Cincy may not be totally white, but it's pretty much non-Hispanic. Its metro area, according to the census bureau, is 83 percent white.)

4. Springfield, Missouri
Helpful tip in this guide:

Habla Espanol? Taco, Burrito, Margarita? We had a total blast last year at this event-even with the rain-that is what the big tents are for! Just totally awesome
Are you single? Can you say Hi? Can you say Hola, Que Paso?
(for you Gringos- that's "Hi, What's happening?!")

3. Fargo, North Dakota
The Forum of Fargo-Moorehead displays some serious wiki skills.

What's up with the Sombrero?
By Tracy Brigg
Well, the answer is simple. Saturday is Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo--or the fifth of May--commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).

2. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the definitive guide to "Things to do in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City," offers "a guide to the area's best guacamole": "I've scoured the area and eaten literally thousands of chips to present you with a comprehensive guide to the top five picks in the Corridor."

Winners include La Reyna restaurant, "rated the 2010 Best Ethnic Food restaurant in Iowa by The Iowa Source magazine."

1. Boise, Idaho
Saddest Cinco de Mayo news ever, from the Boise Weekly: "Editor's note: The Cinco de Mayo celebration on the Grove has been postponed until Wednesday, May 12, due to weather complications."

Don't worry: The publication still offers tips on how to put more "cha cha cha in your zapatos."

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cincho de idiots care about it

bizza squeeze
bizza squeeze

I get this, but there's no reason to expect cities in the Midwest and Mountain regions would know jack shit about a proper cinco de mayo celebration – or even care.

And you could probably reverse the premise and compare Houston's lame St. Paddy's day festivities to places like Boston, Chicago and NYC.

You stoopid fooking....


Fact check, the Boise weekly Editor's note that it's been postponed until Wednesday May 12 is from 2 years ago.

Jesus H. Christ, esq.
Jesus H. Christ, esq.

Salt Lake CityGo out and convert some Mexicans to Mormonism while speaking perfect Spanish.

big red
big red

Cincinnati is "the 'Nati" not Nada. For the record it may seem like the whitest city, but it has a high percentage of African Americans living there. The number of Mexicans, however, is quite low, as you might expect.

Mike in Houston
Mike in Houston

Or just migrate down to the Mexican branch of the Romney family's compound with one or more wives...

Rich Connelly
Rich Connelly

Nada is a restaurant there.

I've just added a note -- it's one of the whitest if you take in the "metro area" and not just the "core city," to use terms from the census bureau.


Bill Haneberg
Bill Haneberg

True, Cincinnati is generally not a good place for Mexican food but don't pick on Nada. It's a well-executed modern take on Mexican that I'd prefer to many places here in Houston. The crispy pork belly tacos with pickled vegetables are one of my favorites. And, they have 10 Mexican beers—not just 4—on the menu along with 41 varieties of tequila.

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