Annise Parker Tweets Her Joy on Obama's Gay-Marriage Announcement

Mayor Annise Parker has tweeted her joy -- if not astonishment -- at President Obama's announcement today that he endorses same-sex marriage.

"Wow! I was wrong. Call from White House. The President has stepped up and stated his support for recognizing mine!-a"

Parker got a call from an Obama aide relaying the decision to her. Parker, of course, has been public in her support for gay marriage, joining a group of mayors calling for marriage equality.

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Unless the advocates of same sex marriage also endorse polygamy they are not being intellectually honest.  The late William F. Buckley pointed out that “he who says A must also say B.”  Here’s why this rule pertains:

1.  There are much more homosexual men than there are lesbian women.2.  When same sex marriage is permitted there will be a number of straight women who will be denied the privilege of marriage.3.  For that reason polygamy must be legalized.

No doubt Mitt Romney will stay far away from this issue, but the dishonesty of the same sex marriage advocates must not be ignored.  Ron Paul are you listening?

H. F. Van Der GrintenSugar Land


Jesus is Gaylord. 


She was wrong?  You mean she didn't think Obie One would do ANYTHING to get some votes?

She obviously does not care about Mrs. Obama's Get Fit initiative.


"get some votes"

That tricky Barack Obama!  He's just saying this stuff to try and steal all those pro-gay-marriage voters from Romney!!!


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