Alexandria Alexxis Gonzales: Jailhouse Search Misses 92 Xanax in Her "Crotch Area"

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Photo by Harlingen PD
Alexandria Alexxis Gonzales: The extra X marks the spot.
Alexandria Alexxis Gonzales may have been drunk enough to get arrested for public intoxication, but she was smart enough to keep the 92 Xanax pills she had hidden during the ensuing jailhouse search.

On the other hand, she was unsmart enough to later be overheard by jailers making a statement "which lead them to believe that she may have been concealing narcotics on her person," Harlingen Police Sgt. John Parrish says.

She was re-searched and a pill bottle was discovered "hidden in [her] crotch area," he says.

Police quickly snatched took possession of them and filed additional charges.

Gonzales's rough night began with what police called a routine check of a bar called Rack Daddy's. Gonzales, 21, was in the parking lot about 1 a.m., showing signs of intoxication, police say.

She "was asked several times to leave the premises, but she refused and continued to argue with the officers," police say.

She was then booked and (putatively) searched. About 4:50 in the morning, she was overheard making the comment that led to the new search and discovery.

She's been charged with possession of a prohibited substance in a correctional facility.

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If the cops ask you to leave.. just leave.. especially if you are in front of a place named "Rack Daddy"!


Ouch, from misdemeanor to a felony, cuz you can't shut the fuck up she deserves it..


An evening filled with promise will always begin at a place called Rack Daddy's. 


She wouldn't even have had to deal with the misdemeanor if she would have been able to shut up in the first place.

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