Yankee Fan Mule-Kicks Drunk Red Sox Fan (w/ VIDEO & Zapruder-Like Analysis)

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No love lost here.
The Red Sox-Yankee rivalry is one of the fiercest in all of team sports, a true "throw out the won-loss record" hatred, if not between the teams then certainly between the respective fan bases. That acrimony was on full display this weekend.

Strangely enough, the backdrop for what you're about to see wasn't even a Red Sox-Yankee game. The Yankees actually played the Tigers this weekend. However, that didn't stop a group of girls in Red Sox lids from setting up shop in the upper deck of Yankee Stadium.

Having been to Yankee Stadium as the enemy before, I can tell you that you just don't show up in the upper deck at Yankee Stadium wearing Red Sox gear. Not at night, and not at a game that doesn't even involve the Red Sox. If this were the Nature Channel, this would be like the snake slithering into the honey badger's lair and telling the honey badger to go fuck himself.

If you're wondering how exactly this whole thing went, it went about how you'd think it would go. Here's the video with Zapruder-style details (and still shots!) afterwards:

0:02 -- The video is shot from a "below the action" vantage point, and as the camera operator aims upward into the section, notice the woman (if we can call her that) in the hot pink scarf and the XXXL Yankee pullover. She is gesturing across the aisle at her soon-to-be opponents. I don't want to spoil things, but Hot Pink Scarf becomes a pretty crucial part of the storyline here. (One thing I will say about the section this melee took place in: If bleacher brawls had weight classes, this is the wrong group of women to pick a fight with. Between Hot Pink Scarf and Teixeira Jersey, it's a beefy section.)


0:12 -- We get our first decent look across the aisle at Section 328's opponents, a group of young ladies in Red Sox hats who are in the process of absorbing an endless stream of what I'm guessing are repeated counts of how many titles the Yankees own and how many titles the Red Sox own. (The Yankee-fan insult playbook is not very thick. They have only two or three plays, but they run them effectively.) In particular, notice the Red Sox fan in the white coat energetically pointing up at Hot Pink Scarf. This will be the last few seconds that the chick in the white coat feels good about how her night is going.


0:21 -- Some dude chants "Let them fight! Let them fight!" Seriously, like Yankee fans are going to actually stop a fight? Um, dude you're going to get your wish. Relax.

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Couple of things wrong with this. 

1. Who cares what gear you wear to a baseball game. Don't tell me I don't understand Yankee fan because the Yanks have so much history. I bet that red scarf girls Grandma never did anything like that.

2. That little chicken shit in the red scarf hid behind her boyfriend when shit hit the fan and Redsox fan came after her. If you're going to talk smack, back it up. She started on the row seat and ended in the middle seat still runnin her mouth. WEAK. I would be ashamed if I were Yankee fan. It makes you all look bad.

Go Sox
Go Sox

Effing Yankees...

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Not a Hot Yankee girl in the crowd.  Buncha heifers.  Suck it Yanks.


 "Go Nationals!" - No one

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