Video from the Spelling-Optional "Save Bobby Petrino!" Rally

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You've got company, Morans Guy.
It's now been about five days since the police report was released telling us all what Bobby Petrino was hoping to keep a secret -- that his unfortunate motorcycle accident a couple Sundays ago was not a mere solo act, but instead included a passenger.

And not just any passenger, but a tasty, blond 25-year-old subordinate named Jessica Dorrell, who is best known for two things: (1) playing volleyball at Arkansas a few years ago and (2) not being Bobby Petrino's wife.

As I've outlined in this space, revelations of what went on that Sunday evening have rocked and split the Arkansas faithful into two camps.

On the one hand, you have Razorback supporters who are rightly embarrassed (and probably not all that surprised) by their coach's actions and his attempted cover-up. These folks would like to see athletics director Jeff Long make a change, Petrino's 21-5 record over the last two seasons be damned.

And then on the other hand, you have these people:

Yes, over 200 cardinal-red-clad sheep turned out for a rally at The Gardens, a popular tailgating spot near Razorback Stadium, to squeal their support for their beleaguered head coach. The gathering was a big popcorn fart considering it was organized by the founders of a Facebook page entitled "Team Save Coach Petrino," a page that as of this entry has over 21,000 members, although the paltry 200 idiot Razorback fan turnout to the actual rally is said to be the result of three dynamics:

1. It's much easier and far less time-consuming to show your support by clicking "LIKE" on a Facebook page than it is to get in your redneck pickup truck car and drive over to an actual event.

2. The 21,000 "friend" number actually includes literally thousands of poor victims people who were added to the group without their consent.

3. Going to a rally in public would require showing your face at an event that essentially says, "Our millionaire adulterer head coach needs our help," which also is another way of saying, "I really have very little going on of any value in my life."

Still, this didn't stop some of the pack of losers Razorback faithful from expressing their support for Petrino with some creatively spelled signs...


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You just don't get much for $3.5 million these days.

You would think that you could get a football coach who could keep his willie in his pants though.


Life is pretty damn hard. It's even harder when you're stupid!


Those jorts are innappropriate.

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