#puffpuffgive, #tryedbutfailed: 5 Hashtag Suggestions for College Football

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The Michigan Wolverines may have ushered in the official Twitterized world of college football by painting #goblue in two spots on the Michigan Stadium turf for its spring game.

(Yeah, yeah, Mississippi State has done something similar. Thing is, nobody cares about Mississippi State.)

Some other schools could also elevate their social-media footprints, especially with these suggested hashtags.

photo illustration by Monica Fuentes
5. Texas A&M #secedingsuccess #lastplace
It's not like A&M was tearing it up in the Big 12 Conference, so once the SEC novelty wears off -- especially after Florida and LSU hang a combined 100 on the Ags at the suddenly-not-good-enough Kyle Field -- the Aggies can at least drop an "I told you so."

photo illustration by Monica Fuentes
4. Arkansas #midlifecrisis #tryedbutfailed
In the span of a week, Bobby Petrino's midlife crisis ruined the lives of his wife, his four children, his mistress Jessica Dorrell and countless Razorback fans. Maybe Petrino should have "tryed" harder at avoiding capture -- Petrino misspelled "tried" in his handwritten comments to the police -- so that his clichéd existential calamity wouldn't have become such a public charade.

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#this is journalism?

Matt Bell
Matt Bell

dude...UH is Tier One. Has been since January 2011...

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