Trina Husky: Trinity Trailer Park Fracas Lands Mugshot Hall of Famer in Jail

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Trinity PD
Trina Husky: No doubt USC fans would love to taunt their slightly downmarket crosstown rivals with this shot.
The artists in the Trinity County Jail and another of the little Lake Livingston-area town's miscreants have done it again: working together, they have created yet another solid entry in the Mugshot Hall of Fame.

On March 12, Officer Bryan of the Trinity PD was summoned to check out a disturbance in a local trailer park, one involving Flashdance fan Husky and an unnamed female.

Showing more fight than her beloved UCLA Bruins have in many years, it's safe to say that Trina Husky did not go gently into the backseat of the Trinity cop's cruiser. We'll let the official report tell the rest of the story, and bold the more striking parts...

When Officer Bryan arrived, both subjects had fled to their trailers. After making contact with Husky and two attempts to calm her down, Officer Bryan attempted to arrest her. Husky was stunned twice with a Taser and eventually pepper sprayed before Officer Bryan could make the arrest.

Once the cop finally managed to wrangle the 43-year-old into submission, Husky was charged with resisting arrest and public intoxication. Since she's racked up at least three prior PI convictions, the penalty for this one will be enhanced.

As a commenter enthused on our last Trinity-related post, the town seems to have real, um, character.

"I fuckin love this town :)" wrote Wesley Coleman. "The lake is beautiful, the air is clean, beer is cheap and if you want drugs ....ther're freagin"

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Where were chicks like this when I went to UCLA?


You weren't frequenting the trailor park sorority house.

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