Travis Wayne Jones: Accused Sex Offender Nabbed After Ten Years on the Run

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Smith County Jail
Travis Wayne Jones: Tom Petty's long-lost bad brother?
A 50-year-old former Texan is currently awaiting extradition to East Texas in an Arkansas jail, where he was escorted earlier this week by United States Marshals.

According to, Smith County Sheriff Ray Nutt said the Marshals got a tip that Travis Wayne Jones was hiding out in a home in Monroe, Arkansas. After staking out the house, they saw a man fitting Jones's description on the premises. On questioning, Jones first said his name was Nathan Reed, and then attempted to flee out the back door, only to run into the not-so-sweet embrace of a few more Marshals who were hiding out around the back.

Jones faces skipped bail in August of 2002 on a charge of indecency with a child by contact and has since been charged with aggravated assault of a child. Despite his appearance on America's Most Wanted, Jones managed to elude authorities for the past ten years.

Reported Jones sightings in Nevada, Colorado and Alabama were investigated but failed to culminate in Jones's arrest.

Had we been spearheading the investigation, we would have constantly monitored the whereabouts of Lynyrd Skynyrd, as Jones's mugshot looks exactly like every single roadie that band has had. And we would have also sent a squad car down to any and all Tom Petty lookalike contests.

Jones is awaiting extradition to Henderson County, Texas, to face some pretty ferocious music. Should he be convicted on either or both of the charges he's facing, this bird won't be free for quite some time to come.

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What is it about the middle name Wayne that leads to a life of not just crime, but creepy crime?

Nightmare on Bagby
Nightmare on Bagby

Saw a picture of Joe Walsh on the cover of a magazine at the newstand yesterday and I was amazed at how good (young, healthy) he looks after all he's been through. Would have thought ol' Joe would look more like Travis Wayne by now.

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