Top 5 Liars in College Football History -- A List Dedicated to Bobby Petrino

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Bobby Petrino has given a new meaning to "pig sooie."
Fired and liars rhyme. Just sayin'.

This week, Bobby Petrino, a married father of four, was canned from his gig as head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. As Hair Balls previously rapped about, Petrino was let go for lying about his motorcycle accident, his extramarital affair with a fellow employee and for not coming clean when he had the chance to.

How does Petrino's charade rank amongst his fellow fibbers?

5. Tom Williams, Yale
Before last season's Harvard-Yale game, Yale senior quarterback Patrick Witt had to choose between a Rhodes scholarship interview in Atlanta and playing one final time against rival Harvard. Witt went with the latter, partially based on the advice of head coach Tom Williams, who said he, too, was a Rhodes Scholar candidate at Stanford. Turns out that wasn't true. Additionally, Williams's claim of practicing with the San Francisco 49ers also turned out to be poppycock. By the way, Harvard obliterated Yale 45-7 and Williams resigned in December.

4. George O'Leary, Notre Dame

In 2001, the longtime Georgia Tech coach scored his dream job for...five whole days. The résumé padder, after signing on with Notre Dame, was exposed for a fib he had started 29 years earlier about playing varsity football at the University of New Hampshire and completing postgraduate work from the nonexistent NYU-Stony Brook University. Since 2004, he's been with the University of Central Florida -- not exactly the same as South Bend.

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From what I've read Petrino has ruined both his professional life and personal life.  Plus you gotta be a bit "wrong-headed" to ride a motorcycle in Arkansas these days.  You get "bike tags" with your duck stamps there now.


Petrino was really fired for stepping out with a girl who's not his kinfolk.

big red
big red

I bet that Notre Dame wishes they had kept O'Leary based on the collection of losers they have hired instead.

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