Tawanya Rabb: Strong Early Contestant for Year's Dumbest (Alleged) Criminal

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Nueces County Jail
Tawanya Rabb: Picked wrong place to try to pay with funny money.
Our state seems to be home to many of the nation's dumbest and lamest counterfeiters, but Corpus Christi's Tawanya Rabb might just beat them all.

The 26-year-old had a traffic warrant, so Monday afternoon, she walked up to the pay window inside Nueces County's municipal courthouse, dug deep in her purse, and pulled out a wad of bills and handed them over.

Unfortunately, police say, several of the $20 bills Rabb attempted to pay her fine with were crude, obvious fakes.

The clerk could tell at a glance that the bills were bogus and pretended nothing was amiss while she secretly summoned police to come get Rabb.

Rabb was arrested at the window and charged with forgery of a commercial instrument, which could net her two to ten years in prison.

And she still has that warrant to deal with.

On her Facebook page, Rabb claims to be a fan of both Nancy Grace and The Bad Girls Club, so apparently there's something of a duality in her soul.

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Yeah, Deys beez Jus' Like Us 'n' Shee-it...

David Houston
David Houston

What's the difference between her printing more and more bills with nothing to back them up, and the treasury doing the very same thing.  I'm serious!


On the other hand, if she'd managed to pay off the man with well-made funny money, we might celebrate her sassy, entrepreneurial spirit.  It's the *quality* of the work, Tawanya!  Details!

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