Shawn DeWayne Morris: Took Cash to Make Fictional Criminal Cases Disappear

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Photo by HCSO
Shawn DeWayne Morris, putative policeman.
Harris County Sheriff's Office investigators are looking for victims of a man who they say took bribes to make criminal cases disappear,

The cases never existed in the first place, so it's really a service you're probably overpaying for.

Shawn DeWayne Morris, 40, was arrested yesterday and charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer after he posed as a representative of the nonexistent "Harris County Police Department."

Investigators say Morris got names and contact information off of Web sites and then phoned potential victims. He claimed to be investigating them for the old HCPD, and set up a meeting outside a store in far northwest Harris County.

"At the meeting, Morris showed a folder with the words 'Harris County Warrant Information' typed near the top," HCSO says. "He asked for $4,000 to have the case 'dismissed.'"

Victims say he was driving a gray 2004 Chevrolet Silverado truck with black custom wheels.

Anyone with information about the scheme is urged to contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Bureau at 713-221-6000., which is also the number to call to verify someone is actually an HCSO enployee.

"This scammer's victims should not be afraid to come forward," Sheriff Adrian Garcia said. "We need to disrupt this type of criminal operation. At the same time, Internet users should be aware that they should never share their identity online with someone they do not know and trust."

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And a smart con guy, gotta reckon that. Should use his smarts for better things. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".


Hilariously stupid people


You give him too much credit. He's just a moron hoping the people he going to rip off are  bigger morons than him. "A wasted moronic mind is terrible"

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