Sharif John Reid Loved His iPods & iPhones: Used ID Fraud to Buy $200,000 of Them

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Doing whatever it takes to get him some Apple.
When you love Apple, you just plain love Apple. And Sharif John Reid is definitely an Apple-loving guy.

Prosecutors say he used dozens of fake credit cards, all with the same name, to purchase iPods, iPhones and other Apple products in Louisiana and Texas.

The Memorial City Apple store proved to be his Waterloo. When he handed over a driver's license with his photo and the fake name, "Apple loss prevention officers immediately recognized the name on the card as the name used to make more than $200,000 in purchases of Apple electronic equipment," the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Police found 18 fake cards in his wallet and 20 in his rental car. "HPD officers also found four iPads and four iPhones valued at more than $6,000 that had been purchased the same day at the Apple stores in the Galleria and Sugar Land using unauthorized cards that matched the numbers found in Reid's possession," prosecutors said.

The info on the cards had been skimmed from an Austin business.

Reid, 37, of League City, was sentenced to 75 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $157,501 in restitution, not by using credit cards.

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Bruce Edmund Carroll
Bruce Edmund Carroll

stupid numbskulls like this idiot needs their credit rating to be permanently ruined even if they pay their notes on time and makes good money. and their personal information put in a database of known scammers, and convicted felons with fraud, theft, forgery convictions so companies like Bank of America, ACME Markets, Walmart, and the entire world know who they are dealing with when they do business so they can take precautions to safeguard their business.

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