Paul Roberts: "Teacher of the Year" Fired for Inappropriate Texts to Students

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Paul Roberts: Will they rescind the award?
A Stafford middle school teacher has been suspended and jailed for inappropriate texts and online messages to students.

Paul Roberts, a math teacher who had been named a Teacher of the Year in the Stafford school district, is accused of sending inappropriate electronic communications to at least two students.

The messages were sent using "text messaging and social media," according to a letter sent to parents from the district.

"After a thorough investigation it has been determined that the teacher did engage in inappropriate conduct as outlined by district policy," superintendent Lance Hindt wrote. "Appropriate district action has been taken towards the teacher and he has been relieved of duty. There have been unsubstantiated reports that this inappropriate conduct may have involved additional students, however, I want to assure you that we will continue to investigate these reports."

Roberts's profile page, which for now is still up, says he is a graduate of Grambling.

"Students must begin to reflect on past learning and anticipate new learning experiences that will prepare them for the next level of their educational careers and to become productive citizens," he wrote of his expectations for his students. "It is my goal to help facilitate those learning experiences and to make them meaningful, rigorous, and enjoyable."

He told them to "be prepared for rigorous learning opportunities EVERYDAY!"

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Florha Jones
Florha Jones

They took the page down already.  What was said or messaged?

Annierocks Al
Annierocks Al

I know this man & he was my friends teacher but I don't believe this is actually happening! Why on earth would our teacher do that! Our school is probably going to be known as "the school with a bad reputation"


Yes he is a good one would have suspected him of doing this....he is a little mean some times ... But not a pedophile


Are you joking?

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