Lizmark Jr. & Octagóncito: Lucha Libre USA Hits Houston This Friday

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photos by Marco Torres
(L-R) Octagóncito and Lizmark Jr. will showcase their lucha skills this Friday at the Bayou Music Center.

According to my research -- which I guess began 25 years ago on the streets of the Mexican border town of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, when I was playing with "Santos" toys that my mom bought me -- Lucha Libre is awesome. What is essentially a telenovela with more punching, flying, muscles and masks rolls into town this Friday as the Lucha Libre USA Masked Warriors Tour makes a stop at the Bayou Music Center. I spoke to two of these Masked Warriors at the only place in Houston that I deemed worthy of their presence: El Gran Malo (2307 Ella Boulevard).

Hair Balls: Señores, Bienvenidos a Houston!

Masked Warriors: Gracias, mucho gusto.

HB: Is this your first time here in the Space City?

Lizmark: We both visited Houston back in 1998, or 1999, while we fought with the WCW (World Championship Wrestling). We fought in the Astrodome, which was really cool.

HB: Yeah, the Dome is not looking too cool these days, unfortunately. But please, introduce yourselves.

Lizmark: My name is Lizmark Jr. I am the current champion of Lucha Libre USA. I am a rudo, also known as a heel. My father was a wrestler, so I fight under his name. This is Octagóncito. He is a Mini-Estrella. He takes his name and mask from the legendary luchador named Octagón.

HB: I was made aware that sometime this week you guys will visit a local school and speak to a group of kids. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Lizmark: Yes, it is important to us to talk to young people about the dangers of bullying. I remember being bullied as a child because some of my classmates knew that my dad was a luchador, and thought that I could also fight. But fighting outside of the ring or octagon is never the answer. We try to inspire them to redirect their energy towards establishing dreams and goals, and then working hard to achieve them.

HB: Have you ever been seriously injured in the ring?

Lizmark: One time I fractured my femur and was out for a whole year and a half. I've also torn a ligament in my ankle and was out for eight months. I've torn both of my triceps and have had a few spinal injuries. This is a tough sport, very hard on your body.


HB: Do you still get nervous before your fights?

Lizmark:: Not exactly nervous, but you do get a tingly, excited feeling. Octagóncito and I have been in this business for more than 20 years. We still get excited when we fight in a new arena in front of a new audience. It is important to be emotional, to keep your heart into fighting. The crowds in California and Nevada were very supportive. We are happy to be here in Houston and will give the public a good show on Friday.

HB: Do you listen to music when you work out?

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El Grito
El Grito

Ballsy of you to ask to take off their mask!!!! 

Bastard Son of Sputnik Monroe
Bastard Son of Sputnik Monroe

Haven't been out that way in a while, but there was a Mexican flea market in an old supermarket on Long Point that had local Lucha Libre matches on Saturday afternoon. About enough room for 25 people, filled with a couple of hundred deranged Mexicans. About as much fun as you can have being a gabacho!

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