Seven Disciplined for Lamar High "Riot"

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Lamar High students and HISD officials are still having semantic debates over what constitutes a "riot," but something went wrong April 5, and the punishments are beginning to come down.

Seven students have been suspended, including two who received Class C misdemeanors for disrupting class, says HISD spokesman Jason Spencer.

"The investigation is ongoing," he says. "School officials are looking to take action against those who played an active role in helping cause the disruption."

HISD says there were a couple of fights and some horseplay that day, but students intent on mischief began tweeting about a "riot" at the River Oaks school.

Students have been saying -- and posting pictures on Facebook and videos on YouTube -- that things were more serious than HISD has claimed.

The fights:

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that is because there was a riot, it happened school wide.

Monique Cheney
Monique Cheney

Haha this reminds me of my middle school days. Looks like a mash pit to me...just saying. Def not a riot...HPD just want to increase the charges and make out to be more than what it is. Just HS kids being HS kids. 


 We did not act like that in school.  I can not remember ONE fight my entire four years in high school.  We were mature, educated, and respectful.  Shows stupidity of the students and parents, and how the public school system is failing. 

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