Kelly Wilson: East Texas Jailer / Author Charged with Inmate Sex

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Nacogdoches County Jail
Kelly Wilson: The end of a literally storied career?
Angelina County jailer and author Kelly Wilson has resigned her position and faces criminal charges after authorities in Lufkin alleged that she had a sexual relationship with a male inmate.

According to the Lufkin Daily News, the Angelina County Sheriff's Office got a tip that there was some illicit hanky-panky in their pokey on April 16.

According to KTRE, an internal investigation led to Wilson's resignation. The Daily News reported that a subsequent probe by Texas Ranger Steve Rayburn led to her arrest last night on a charge of improper sexual relationship with an inmate, a state-jail felony punishable by up to two years in jail. Perhaps owing to her former position at the Angelina County Jail, Wilson, a 40-year-old resident of Huntington, was taken to the Nacogdoches County lock-up just up the road.

Last year, Wilson published Confessions from the Loo, her first book.

Jessica Cooley / Lufkin Daily News
Kelly Wilson in happier times, with Confessions from the Loo, the fruit of her bathroom labor.
Written mainly on a laptop while she was sitting on a toilet in a crowded home she shared with her then-husband and two children, the book is a compilation of columns she wrote for the Huntington Herald. Included are reminiscences of famous East Texas lawmen, a rumination on fallen cops brought on by a visit to the national police officers' memorial in Washington, and a salute to her brazenly unabashed redneck husband. Who now appears to be her brazenly unabashed redneck ex-husband.

In January of last year, to promote the book's release, Wilson/Whitehead gave an interview to the Daily News's Jessica Cooley. She was ecstatic to see her hitherto-scattered and ephemeral country newspaper work tucked between covers for posterity.

"I couldn't stop smiling," she told Cooley. "My daughter came in from work that night; she said, 'Let me see it.' I had to pull it out from under my pillow. It is the neatest thing. I had three goals growing up. I wanted to be a police officer, which I am. I wanted to be as good a mommy as my mommy. I'm not quite there, but I'm working on it. And I wanted to publish. I've accomplished all three of them. Now I just want to get more out there."

Oh, she got more out there all right...


Wilson's arrest came the night before her 40th birthday.

She reportedly spent last Friday in Angelina County's criminal court, where she went to support the inmate with whom she was allegedly embroiled. Even as she was being investigated...Now that's what they call ride or die.

The Angelina County Sheriff's Office declined to release further information about the inmate.

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I would like to say that so many make judgements before the real story ever plays out. I hope each and everyone of you eat your words when the charges are dismissed. There was no hanky panky porn crap or anything else. If you knew Kelly at all, you would know that this is all a bunch of b.s. created by an upset inmate wanting to cause trouble...and that they did. Do you take the word of a criminal or that of a person who has given most of her life to law enforcement? I love you Kelly and as your friend , I will stand beside you always.


Why do we have females working the men's jail and males working the women's jail? Stupid is as stupid does!!


Hanky panky pokey - that could be a whole series of jailhouse porn movies!


The really sad part about this story, is that she achieved her goals, yet made the stupidest judgement call.


 Well the police sure do when it comes to CIs and wrong addresses and doors getting beaten in and family pets shot or even people and homes destroyed because these wanna be detectives think that a criminal is giving upstanding good solid information! We see it in the news all the time so that's not to hard to believe in her case! BUT because the so called police failed to verify information of a criminal it can take a while to get her off of the charges. All it will take is for the cops to ask for a few "mole or freckle or scar descriptions" or some verifiable distinctive something on her body that ONLY someone with intimate knowledge would know! If the moron can't then let her go and pay her whatever she wants before she sues the crap out of the department!


I LOL'ed when I read the hanky panky pokey part.

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