Justin McDonald and Zachary Bridges: Bad Fake Cops, Including Guyliner & Faux-Hawk

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justin mcdonald.jpg
Angelina County Jail
Justin McDonald: Looks more like a Blue October fan than a boy in blue.
There has been a rash of fake cops in the Lufkin area of late, with two men finding lodgings in the Angelina County Jail after run-ins with their authentic counterparts.

Per KTRE, Justin McDonald was jailed for violating the terms of his probation stemming from an incident 14 months ago. In February of last year, McDonald used red and blue lights on his car to pull a woman over in the Black Forest area of Zavalla. The woman said McDonald told her he was a deputy sheriff, but fortunately the woman knew McDonald personally and knew he was no such thing. She later called the real police, and McDonald was eventually convicted and given four years' probation, which he recently violated by staying out past curfew.

KTRE's most recent report notes that McDonald will not face a probation revocation but will instead be placed in "another facility."

Perhaps the boy ain't quite right. His most recent mug shot certainly suggests as much. Seldom have a faux-hawk and guyliner looked so sinister.

The other incident is more comical.

zachary bridges.jpg
Angelina County Jail
Zachary Bridges: Kid needs to hit the doughnuts if he wants to look like a real cop.
A chance encounter in a Dairy Queen parking lot spelled a misdemeanor charge for 17-year-old Zachary Allen Bridges.

According to a police affidavit reported in the Lufkin Daily News, DPS trooper Tamela Snider spotted Bridges there standing beside his truck in a homemade DPS uniform, complete with sidearm, utility belt and fake body armor.

Of course, the gun in Bridges's holster turned out to be an Airsoft BB gun that closely resembled a DPS-issued Sig Sauer model, and the "body armor" was a back-support brace.

Since Bridges was only caught dressing as a cop and didn't try to execute any official duties, you might wonder why he was arrested. It turns out this was his second go-round with the very same real DPS officer.

According to the report, Snider found the peach-fuzzed kid at the same DQ in the same garb once before. That time, Bridges got off with a warning. Snider told him to go home and change and never wear his hand-crafted uniform in public again. Showcasing the amazing wonder that is the teenage male mind, Bridges ignored the warning and wore the same uniform to the same place he got caught once before.

All of which explains why Bridges reportedly tried to take off in his truck when he saw Snider pull up again.

Unlike McDonald, who is charged with third-degree felony impersonation of a police officer, Bridges is charged with false identification as a police officer, a Class B misdemeanor.

Friends in the comments sections of the various reports say that Bridges really wants to be a cop someday...Racking up a criminal record isn't the way to do it, son. And you can't just join forces with the guyliner fake cop either, though another commenter's suggestion of a reality show about two fake East Texas cops called Officer Maybelline and the Kid is definitely something we would watch, albeit when no one else was at home or aware.

Lastly, man, Bridges has one fierce mama, if the person in the comments section here really is who she says she is....(Keep clicking "Show more comments" until you find all the ones by "Melissa.")

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you don't know what your fuckin talking about hair ball


I have to agree with her. We can dress any way we want to. Certainly if men can wear pants with their asses hanging out, they can wear brown get up. They should leave this kid alone unless he is trying to pass himself off as a cop and issuing tickets or trying to gain sexual favors, etc. Harmless. 

As for guyliner, he should be locked up. 


Mr. John Nova Lomax--This is Melissa--the fierce mama.  You really should get your facts straight before you publish lies.  Zack was not stopped at the DQ twice.  Where the hell did that come from?  Are you into making up crap as you go and publishing those lies??  He didn't try to take off in his truck when Snider pulled up, regardless of what Snider said. He didn't even see her pull up.  If you're going to try to be a journalist, at least have the common sense to publish the truth!


I am a fierce Mama!!  I have to be when the folks making their dumbass comments don't even know me or my son yet think they have something to add to the discussion!!  If you all were as smart as you think you are, you would know that it's not against the law to wear a uniform UNLESS you are presenting yourself to the public as a law enforcement officer.  Zack has only worn his Halloween costume, he has never claimed to be a law officer.  Try to educate yourselves before you open your mouths and confirm that you all are indeed a bunch of idiots!!


Mojoboogie2 who is too scared to use his own name--"Melissa" is definately his mother.  Just because your family tree goes straight up doesn't mean ours does.


Eh, it's East Texas. "Melissa" could be his mother and his sister.  =)


 Really, N00b troll error. Go back and read the forum link. In the oldest post she refers to herself as his mother, then in later posts as his sister. Hmmmm..Must be both?

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