John L. Smith Named Bobby Petrino's Successor, Leaves Weber State After Five Months

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Must be halftime.
The "gust of wind" that blew Bobby Petrino off of his motorcycle swallowed up another victim on Monday.

The Weber State football team now joins the University of Arkansas, Petrino's wife, Petrino's kids, Jessica Dorrell, the pride and self-esteem of Dorrell's fiancé Josh Morgan, and a slew of other ancillary players whose lives have been altered by Petrino's inability to control his libido bike on that fateful Sunday afternoon.

How exactly does Weber State football factor in?

Well, say hello to the University of Arkansas's interim head football coach hire -- former Louisville (Yes! Another former Louisville coach!), Michigan State and Weber State head coach John L. Smith!

On Monday, Smith agreed to a ten-month contract for $850,000 to take over the reins of the Arkansas football program on an interim basis. When last Smith mattered on the college football landscape, he was busy overseeing the demise of the Michigan State football program in 2006, a free fall probably best punctuated by this sideline rant going into halftime of the Ohio State game....

....and late-game meltdowns like this one against Notre Dame that led to a local radio host practically dying of a heart attack on air as he called for the public executions of Smith and his staff:

So how are Arkansas and Smith connected? Well, in 2009, after being out of coaching for a couple years, Petrino hired Smith as his special teams coach, a position he held the last three seasons until he was hired this past December as the new head coach at his alma mater, Weber State!

Yes, Smith's tenure at Weber State has lasted exactly one recruiting class and zero games on the field. In the museum of sleazy coaching moves, Smith's defection to Arkansas less than five months after arriving in Ogden is the Mona Lisa, especially when you take into account that it was allegedly Smith that proactively reached out to Long to see if his services were required in Fayetteville!

You want funny? Check out the video of Smith's introductory presser at Weber State from last December.

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The fact that JLSmith is a Weber St alum makes it even worse.  What a scumbag, yet none of the national media is calling out him or Jeff Long.

He tells the kids at UL at the halftime of their bowl game that he is leaving and doesn't coach the 2nd half of the game, then he pulls this stunt at his alma mater....  Hope Arky loses every game & with John L coaching there is a chance.

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