Jaime Mata: Chilling Video of Him Allegedly Barricading Bar, Setting It on Fire

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Photo by HPD
Jaime Mata, allegedly caught on video.
Police are looking for Jaime Mata, who's been charged with arson for burning a bar in the 8000 block of Harrisburg after barricading the door so patrons couldn't leave.

Crime Stoppers says Mata and a friend were tossed from the bar. They returned, "closed the burglar bars and barricaded the door with a large piece of wood," Crime Stoppers says.

Now that is cold. And the video certainly shows someone doing it, and then going around the back and lighting the place up.

The bar's customers were able to escape through an exit that, luckily, Mata was apparently unaware of.

The chilling video:

The other man is known only as "Pepe."

Anyone with information about the identity of the unknown suspect, or the location of the charged fugitive, is asked to contact Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

Update: Both men have surrendered.

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Les Legato
Les Legato

Fast trial, then burn them alive.


One question: When are he and his friend due?

Guys, its time to make that big leap past the training bra and go for that C cup you are so both obviously in need of. Pepe can even get a pink one for his boyfriend.


Any relation to Houston's favorite racebaiter, Lil Johnny Mata?


The most oppressed man in the world, Johnny Mata.  Soory old LULACSOB.

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