The Rolling Stones, King Zog: 5 Famous Exiles, in Honor of Napoleon

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Turds on the run
This week marks the 198th anniversary of Napoleon being exiled to Elba, a move celebrated by palindrome fans everywhere. (Able was I ere I saw Elba," you know.

Exiles have been around forever, people forced to leave their country of choice for one reason or another. Sometimes it's worked out well, sometimes it hasn't.

Here, in honor the little big man, we offer five.

5. The Rolling Stones
They were tax exiles who headed to France to escape Britain's Inland Revenue. The move gave us Exile on Main St. Two other albums whose title references the singer's tax exile: Rod Stewart's Atlantic Crossing and Cat Stevens's Foreigner.

4. King Zog of Albania
The Big Z left his country in 1939 when Mussolini invaded, an invasion made easier by the fact that the Albanian Army was ill-equipped and riddled with Italian "advisers." Zog, who deserves inclusion on this list if only for his kick-ass name, lived in luxury in England, France and Egypt after his escape. (It's not known whether he went around commanding "Kneel before Zog!")

3. Ferdinand Marcos
The semi-dictator of the Philippines (he was officially a friend of the U.S., therefore he simply could not have been a full-fledged dictator) was a world-class embezzler and kickback artist and bribee who looted as much from his country as possible before being tossed out in 1986. He lived in Hawaii, and his wife Imelda remains a punch line for her collection of thousands of shoes.

2. Ben Kenobi
A Jedi knight who went into exile on Tatooine, he chose an alias so elaborate no one could figure out who he was.

1. Roman Polanski
Forever hounded by authorities who have no idea what it was like to be a star director in the `70s, especially one with a laissez-faire attitude towards statutory-rape laws.

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David Houston
David Houston

How about Albert Einstein, for being possibly the best known exile in the world?

David Houston
David Houston

Hmm, I thought it was "I saw Elba, able was I", but then maybe one doesn't know his ass from his Elba?  Of course the rest were voluntary exiles except Napoleon who was put there as a prisoner.  Anyway, wherever you escaped from good luck to you, since wherever you left was obviously some kind of prison that was worth escaping from.  The British Tax Man is probably the biggest reason for emptying that country of anyone who ever made a pound or two or was sick of living close to the breadline.  What's left there is the dross who readily accept being ripped off and being kept poor through excessively high taxation, low wages, and a ridiculously high cost of living.  I ought to know I escaped the place years ago.

Bernard Sussman
Bernard Sussman

You could Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.  Yes, the villain of the Siege of the Alamo.  Twice booted out of the Presidency of Mexico, he got refuge in the United States, of all places.  On Staten Island, where he invented chewing gum (really!).

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The 98th anniversary?  Are we sure about that?

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