The 5 Oddest AstroWorld Items on eBay Right Now

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AstroWorld may be gone as a physical entity, but it lives on in the hearts of Houstonians and in people trying to make a buck on eBay.

We took a look at the AstroWorld items currently up for auction, and found some odd stuff.

Like these five:

5. Swellegant cup and saucer
We think we saw m'lady sipping from one of these on Downton Abbey last week. Current price: $7.50

4. "Alpine Sleighs at Twilight" postcard
This is either the coolest or the creepiest postcard of AstroWorld ever. Looks more like Logan's Run than an Alps mountainside, though. Current price: $16.95

3. The sheriff from Tokyo
Two choices here: Either the picture on this mug is a) badly drawn or b) a visionary attempt to sell AstroWorld to the burgeoning Asian tourist economy of the 1960s. We're guessing a). Current price: $9.99

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I worked at AW warehouse for about 6 months when I was going to UH. Most fun in the world! I delivered the worst food that humans could consume from a cushman cart on roads that honeycombed the park but were hidden from the public. Except at railroad crossings for the "frontier train." Then I was exposed to the public in my blue dickies and denim shirt, proud uniform of the warehouse guys. There were 3 of us. The train riders would stare at me like I was a rat on their table, not quite a wild west bandit.  I was authentic, though, because I was usually smoking a hand rolled cigarette.


The Alpine Sleigh ride was my favorite ride at Astroworld.


It was on the Alpine Sleigh Ride were I first learned what marijuana smelled like. Two guys in the car ahead of us were smoking out and I asked my Mom what that smell was and she said plainly, "marijuana... stay away from it."


I was on it in about 1979 and it ran off the track.  The middle rail broke.  We had to get off and walk.


So did you end "staying away from it?" Just curious.

Terry Alexander
Terry Alexander

 Does anyone else remember the guy who was dressed as a Yeti who would be waiting around that arch to jump at you? TA

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