100 Arrested in Highway Drug Crackdown After 900 Pulled Over for "Alleged Traffic Violations"

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Over 900 pulled over for "alleged traffic violations."
Memo to those involved in the drug trade: Follow traffic rules, make sure your car's registration and inspection are current and don't have any busted taillights.

That's the lesson that might be learned from the recent crackdown led by the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

HCSO says it pulled over 900 cars "for alleged traffic violations" over two days last week and wound up arresting 100 people on drug charges.

The operation targeted U.S. 90 and Interstate 10 between Beltway 8 East and the Harris County line.

There's nothing more vague in a cop's probable-cause notebook than "alleged traffic violations" -- there's no telling how much "weaving" a suspect car needed to do before the party lights came on -- but HCSO and DPS were happy with the results.

"It's important to remind those in the trafficking business that we are in the trafficking-disruption business," Sheriff Adrian Garcia said.

"Not all motorists are crooks, but all crooks are motorists,'' DPS Capt. Derek Rodriguez said.

Besides arresting people, officers also confiscated "cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, prescription drugs and weapons," HCSO said.

Officials said the operation "focused on highways where smugglers can easily blend in with other traffic," which is why River Oaks Boulevard wasn't targeted, we guess.

Similar operations are planned for the future, officials say.

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Man, this drug war shit is really going well. Soon the cartels will be out of cash and drug use will continue to drop off to nearly negligible levels, if our past success in this endeavor is any indication.


"Not all motorists are crooks, but all crooks are motorists". They are? I guess gang bangers don't ride bicycles.

I do like his generalization though, it really does fit the mentality. How about the ever popular  "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim".

And hey add to the memo "check your license plate illumination". that's a real popular one too.


Cops gone fishing.


 It's exciting isn't it!?

I'm confident that this group of "major busts"(as the cops no doubt call them) has taken TENS of grams of illicit drugs off the street. Probably a couple of junk pistols too! I bet they gave it a codename like Operation Street Sweep or something cool like that.

A few more of these and the Zetas will have to stop lopping off heads at the border and get desk jobs...

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