Darlene Mayes: Shocking New Details in Oklahoma Ganja Granny Case

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Craig County Sheriff
Darlene Mayes: Apparently never taught her boy not to tattle.
If you want to make it as a writer in Hollywood, you have to hone your ideas into "elevator pitches," short descriptive bursts that can intrigue the big cigars between floors in office buildings.

The case of Darlene Mayes is an easy one: Weeds meets Breaking Bad meets Golden Girls, with a Shakespearean betrayal to close Season One.

Police in Vinita, Oklahoma, say that Mayes, a 73-year-old retired Department of Human Services worker, had been peddling God's green to the good folks in the Ozark foothills for about six or seven years and amounted to something of a Queenpin. In a raid last week, police seized four pounds of pot, two handguns, and almost $277,000 in vacuum-sealed garbage bags from her home. Cops later said they believed she was the supplier of about 40 percent of the pot in Tulsa and the Missouri-Arkansas-Kansas-Oklahoma Quad State area.

In the aftermath of the raid, Vinita police chief Bobby Floyd said, "It was an extreme wow moment," which makes us wonder if he might have been among that 40 percent, man.

And it turns out Mayes could have kept right on reddening eyes, cottoning mouths and fostering munchies in Vinita's great big ol' McDonald's on the Will Rogers Turnpike were it not for the squealings of a snitch most foul.

Namely, her 42-year-old son Jerry Van Dorsey.

According to court documents filed in Craig County, Dorsey was angry at his mama for cutting him out of the weed operation he claimed to have initiated. He allegedly admitted to police that she did so because he was addicted to meth.

He was also mad because he believed that Mayes had hornswoggled him out of his horse trailer.

As a Tulsa World commenter put it, "A pot dealing grandma and a meth addict son in a squabble over a horse trailer. Only in Oklahoma."

Or as that good ol' boy Billy Joe Shakespeare might have written, "My queendom for a dadgum horse trailer!"

According to an affidavit reported in the Tulsa World, Mayes's arrest followed that of Dorsey, who was busted the day before her with two pounds of weed he said he stole from his mother after breaking into her house.

He went on to spill all the other details: how he got her started by introducing her to his Arizona connects and how they later soured.

Mayes's attorney Josh Lee maintains that Dorsey is the true bad actor in this case. In an e-mail to The Daily, he had this to say: "Mrs. Mayes is a 73-year-old retired state employee who had never been arrested in her life until this incident. At the worst, Mrs. Mayes is guilty of loving and trying to help her son Jerry Van Dorsey."

Be that as it may, Mayes is charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute, maintaining a dwelling where drugs are kept or sold, and firearm possession in commission of a felony.

Dorsey is also charged with pot-dealing, and a couple of lesser charges, but with the World putting all the details of his snitchery out there for mama and those shadowy Arizonans to see, we're wondering if the law might be least among his worries right about now.

So, on to casting. We're thinking Sissy Spacek for Mayes, and maybe that guy who played Uncle Teardrop in Winter's Bone for Dorsey. And what the hell, let's make Reba McEntire the spunky cop who takes them both down.

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HAHA cops lost the case! Good job defense attorneys!

Stay Informed Now
Stay Informed Now

She is a far cry from a stand up citizen and I would add she could getthe lead role in "Mommy Dearest" just by playing herself. No her sonis no angel by far, though when you get to be 52 years old and had to put up witha lifetime of treats, beatings, torment and having to always take the fall forothers, sometimes one has to stand up and say "I've had enough" nomatter the cost. Sorry for putting it out there as this, I am just sick andtired of the nationwide stupefied supporters over the whole "GanjaGranny" or "Go Granny" stories about "Old Crazy Daisy" she is amonster to say the least.

So for the "Legalize It Now Supporters" if you have to pick someone to put a face to the campaign, I'd suggest not using this "Mommy Dearest or Ganja Granny" as your billboard Queen unless your fine with supporting "Sociopaths" as well... ~ Stay Informed Now~

"Character is doing the right thing even when it costs more than you want to pay."  ~Michael Josephson~


Looks like Granny Ganja used her drug money for a little lip plumping and botox. Go Granny.


I challenge you to name any actor who would do a better job playing a meth-addled pothead than Woody Harrelson. He was born for the role.

You stand corrected.


Legalize it.

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