Councilmember Helena Brown Is Ready to Take Your Reservation

When she isn't busy arguing that licensing dogs is an egregious case of government intrusion into private lives, or that the UN is aiming to take over America cities like Houston if eternal vigilance is not kept up, councilmember Helena Brown apparently works the front desk at a Marriott, if today's meeting is any indication.

No explanation was given for the prominent name tag; Brown was too busy rambling on about all her office does for constituents, in the wake of her top staff walking off the job.

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WHo cares if she has a name tag? Richard Connelly, what are you thinking


Poor Helena, her staff, or at least the ones that want to run for some kind of office down the road, have figured out they couldn't be elected as dogcatcher if they have too strong an association with koo-koo for coco puffs Helena.   That Leticia woman ran before I know, and the other person wants a state level position. Doubt it would be possible if you are known as part of the Helena Brown circus and side show.    


I'll forever remember her as the woman who - while wearing a cowboy hat and discussing paying for firetrucks - mused "What about Greece? Doesn't anyone think about Greece?"

She's like Ron Paul on cough syrup. 

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