Cops Say Seqoia Lemon Threw Daughter to Ground, Spit in Her Face Because She Wanted to Do Volunteer Work

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Photo by HPD
Seqoia Lemon: Held without bond.
You better think twice about volunteering to build homes in a needy neighborhood with a church group, at least if your dad is Seqoia Lemon and what police allege is true.

Court documents say Lemon, 41, flew off the handle when his 13-year-old daughter told him at their Spring home Saturday she wanted to do volunteer work.

The girl told police her father got mad and then, according to the complaint, he "grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her to the ground, then he straddled her and spit tobacco in her face. She then tried to crawl away and he grabbed her by the throat and tightly held her, causing her pain."

It was only when his roommate walked in the room that he stopped, the complaint said. He then took off but was later arrested.

He's been charged with felony injury to a child under 15, and is jailed without bail.

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Mark Archibald
Mark Archibald

No bail... good. Not a huge  fan of churches..  but this is a  wee bit extreme....


Mr. Lemon is one bad apple.


This lemon is a fruitcake.


 They are divorced. It was his weekend. She came as soon as she heard what happened.


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