Charles Reese: Accountant Paid Vidor Woman $750,000 for Videos of Her Molesting Her Children & Sexing Animals

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Charles Reese paid good money for bad stuff.
A Louisiana accountant has been charged with the production of child porn, but the story is far stranger than that simple statement.

Charles Edward Reese, 66, paid a Vidor woman $750,000 over eight years for sending videos and photos of herself having sex with her children and with animals, according to court documents.

The woman has since died. The children are aged six and two. A nine-year-old relative was also involved. (Media reports are giving varied ages for the children, though.)

Affidavits filed by the FBI say the Web site Photobucket alerted authorities to inappropriate images that had been produced by a user, setting off an investigation that included interviews with the woman's mother and sister.

The mother told them she knew her daughter had been paid for sex videos but did not know children were involved. The sister said she had also been paid by Reese for videos, but none with minors.

According to the Slidell Sentry, Reese was the Chief Financial Officer of Champagne Beverage, but has resigned.

The paper also says Reese was not always happy with the product.

[O]n Dec. 14, 2011, Reese allegedly sent the woman $525 through PayPal with the following notation "If you don't get online tomorrow morning with both of them and do what I want you to this will be the last time you ever hear from me no matter what your needs are. You have screwed me enough for a lifetime of misery."

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Why in the world would they withhold her name? She's accused of committing a multitude of crimes and is every bit as guilty as this guy(even more so) and yet we can't get a name?

I don't care if she's dead, put out a family photo for her perp walk, just don't withhold the name of that piece of garbage.


Wow is all i can say nasty bastards i wish she wasnt dead or at the very least her death was prolonged and very painful


Because they want to protect the identity of the children involved.


maybe a donkey kicked her in the head;)  YES we would like to know how this EVIL b went down -- like said --- too bad she wasn't around to pay dearly for what she did to those poor babies!!!  what sicko's!!!


Maybe a donkey kicked her in the ass...maybe this fool got off on that

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