Astrodome Decor: Which of These Superboxes Is Most Hideous? YOU Decide!!

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Chamber of wonders, or horrors.
Retrospace got its hands on a 1966 Astrodome guide (subhed: "The Astrodome is more than a stadium -- it is a way of treating people"), and while it's filled with such unimaginable wonders as $3.50 box seats, our favorite is the superbox page.

There, the Dome shows off its terrible, wonderful, appalling, entertaining "taste" in mod-`60s Houston interior decoration.

But which of the five featured boxes is most hideous? Let's examine!

5. The hippest dentist in Houston wants his chair back
"Quiet elegance" is the byword here, a design in which understated subtlety bespeaks "old money," if by "old" you mean 1965.

4. "You got to roll me...."
...and call me the tumblin' dice." If the wife forbids you fuzzy dice in the Lincoln Continental, make do with your coffee tables.

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the pictures are too big! I wish they were smaller.


OMG I want them to shoot a Mad Men ep in one of these! It's be period-appropriate. :)

David Houston
David Houston

4. looks like a Hampton Inn hotel room I stayed in (recently!)  3.  Appears to have the Queen's personal coat of arms on the wall, which unless she uses that room herself may not be actually legal.


Google Golliwoggs.  Oh, man.  I can't even begin to imagine what that room was about.

James Bailey
James Bailey

You're missing the best one - the Presidential suite behind the scoreboard which sports toilets with pure gold handles and the Presidential seal.

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