Ashley Greene: So Drunk She Didn't Notice Her 5-Year-Old Son Swallowing Drugs, Cops Say

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Ashley Greene: Not gunning for Mom of the Year.
A Webster woman was so intoxicated that she did not notice her five-year-old son swallowing narcotics, Webster police say.

Ashley Christine Greene, 29, has been charged with child endangerment, KPRC reports.

The boy was also intoxicated and was hospitalized. Police did not say what drugs he had ingested.

Greene was allegedly heavily intoxicated when police found her in her apartment. She lives there with the boy.

A search does not show any criminal record for Greene.

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If her child was ingesting drugs don't you think she too may have more in her system than just alcohol?? Abusers usually mix their highs.


Mother of the Year Award goes to.......well it won't be Ashley Greene

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