Adrian Comstock & Patricia Hickman: Your Odd Robbery Couple of the Day, Fresh Off a Gunfight with a 59-Year-Old Woman

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Photos by MCSO
Adrian Comstock and Patricia Hickman: Shoot-out compadres.
Two mug shots that you might not normally put together were forever joined thanks to arrests at the Super 8 motel in Humble.

Adrian Nathaniel Comstock, 29, and Patricia Lynn Hickman, 56, were both arrested for aggravated robbery for a home invasion that included a shootout near New Caney last week.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said the two residents -- "a 59-year-old female and a 65-year-old male companion" -- were both shot during the 2 a.m. robbery.

"Investigators believe that the female victim fired several shots at the suspects with a pistol as the suspect(s) fired several rounds with a shotgun," the MCSO said.

Fifty-nine years old, has "a male companion" and isn't afraid to trade lead with two robbers? This was obviously a woman not to be messed with.

The two victims were hospitalized, but the robbers escaped on foot.

Investigators tracked them to the no-doubt luxurious Motel 8, where they found Comstock and learned he was wanted on a felony theft warrant.

He implicated himself and others in the robbery, the MCSO says, and Hickman, of Spring, was soon arrested and charged.

MCSO did not provide the nature of the relationship between the two, so feel free to speculate.

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and the reporte in this artical failes to tell u the victims were drug dealers so who is the real crimnials here there are no victims and there are alot mor people involved in this than anybody knows

by laws
by laws

here it  is adrian comstock is a dumb ass but he is not a killer man couldent even kill a kitten i seen him cry when i broke its neck what the artical dont tell you is ther were two more men aresseted on the twenty fourth with a bullet hole in him news coverage dosent say anything about that  i dont like adrian comstok  but i do know he is a gental dumb ass not a shooter he i agree he has payment do but the press should do a better job of coverage and instead making it out to all be him and some old lady they should talk about the other two BLACK men  involved  one with whome was shot  agine im not  here to take up for anybody and i dont belive he is  inacent but he is no killer                                                                      


Why dont reporters get their facts straight before they print stories?????!!!!! Its clear Connelly doesnt care about getting facts before he decides to write about it.


I think you should do more research. The female victum was a known drug dealer. Which is why she had the gun. The two suspects where not the shooters. An arrest was made on 4/24/2012 in Humble tx for a Parick Jerome Dixon Jr. For agg Robbery. He was one of two other suspects (one who is still sought by police). He was the shooter. Patrica Hickman was just a conspiritor in the process. The two are not a couple. They just do drugs together. who has 50k in jewels in a trailor??

Giovanni De Jesus Bermudez
Giovanni De Jesus Bermudez

Let me get this straight, His name is COMstock and ol' gal's is HICKman?!  That's too easy.  No joke even necessary, it writes itself! 

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